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The average education of a Chiropractic Doctor is approximately 4,485 hours, while the education received by a Medical Doctor is approximately 4,250 hours.



Chiropractic on the other hand does not rely on drugs or surgery...

Chiropractic works to gently and naturally restore the body...

Note: The information contained on this page is not meant to negatively target conventional medicine in any way. We believe that conventional medicine has its place and value. The following information is only provided for educational purposes so that more prudent and informed decisions can be made in regard to your own health and wellness choices. As always, we suggest attending a free no-obligation exam and/or review with one of our qualified Doctors before making any decisions regarding your future health and well-being.

Side effects resulting from the use of drugs and surgery are the 4th cause of death and the 3rd leading cause of preventable death in North America. Thus the high cost of medical malpractice insurance.

Chiropractic on the other hand does not rely on drugs or surgery in the healing process. Instead, Chiropractic safely and gently stimulates your body's natural ability to heal itself from the inside out.

According to a new nationwide government survey, 36% of U.S. adults aged 18 years and over use complementary and alternative medicine, this means; non-surgical, non-medication approaches to getting well and staying well.

According to this same survey approximately 28% of the adults surveyed used alternative health because they believed conventional medical treatments would not help them with their health problem.

55% of adults said they were most likely to use complimentary or alternative medicine because they believed that it would help them when combined with conventional medical treatments.

An additional 26% used alternative forms of medicine because a conventional medical professional suggested they try it, while 13% used alternative health programs because they felt that conventional medicine was just too expensive.

Conventional Medical Facility vs. Chiropractic Care Facility

Conventional Medical Facility
(Normal Experience)

  • Fill out forms.
  • Wait for 30-minutes or more.
  • Moved to exam room.
  • Attendant takes a one-arm blood pressure.
  • You are weighed, measured, temperature is taken and perhaps a urine sample is requested.
  • Changed to a paper gown.
  • Sit and wait for another 15, 30 to 60-minutes or more.
  • The Medical Doctor walks in with the chart and asks about the ailment. He/she does a one-minute exam; listens to the lungs and heart with a stethoscope, looks down the throat, feels the neck then tells the patient of the tests which will be ordered regarding the medical doctors diagnosis of the ailment.
  • A prescription for some type of drug will then be written that will generally mask the symptom, but not address the real problem.
  • A follow-up appointment will be made as appropriate.
  • In summary : “I waited for an hour and only saw the guy for three minutes. Then I got an expensive prescription that has numerous side-effects attached to it in order to take care of my ailment”.

Alternative Chiropractic Facility
(Normal Experience)

  • Fill out forms.
  • Normal wait is 5-minutes or less.
  • Moved to exam room.
  • Chiropractic Assistant takes a thorough bilateral blood pressure.
  • You are weighed, measured…from this point on the office visit and exam is completely different than that experienced in a medical facility.
  • Wait time is 5-minutes or less
  • The Chiropractor walks in with the chart and begins from that time forward to inform, educate the patient on health, wellness and the body's natural ability to heal from within.
  • A thorough history of Present Illness will be covered. As also a thorough history of Past Medical History.
  • A physical, and neurological exam will then be administered with the Doctor of Chiropractic explaining in detail what he/she is doing and why.
  • After reviewing your health history and administering the exams, your Doctor will discuss his finding with you. If the Doctor feels that Chiropractic can help you then he/she will recommend a treatment plan – or discuss a choice of treatment options.
  • Aside from adjustments, other therapeutic treatment methods, massage, or home care remedies may be recommended as well.
  • In essence, the Doctor of Chiropractic is open to all forms of therapy/treatment including conventional medicine if it is in the patients' best interests and well-being.
  • A follow-up appointment will be made as appropriate.
  • In summary: “I only waited for five minutes and saw the Doctor for 10-minutes to an hour. I learned how my body and nervous system works and how I can correct the problem form the inside out as opposed to prescription drugs (which work from the outside in). Then I went away feeling absolutely GREAT, invigorated and rejuvenated throughout my entire body!!”

Chiropractic is a whole body healing art. Chiropractors not only work with the spine, but also adjust the joints of the extremities, the cranium, the viscera and soft tissues depending on the needs of the patient. Treatment modalities such as physical therapy, meridian therapy (acupressure or acupuncture), and clinical nutrition may also be used to facilitate the healing process. Diagnostic procedures such as x-ray; blood & urine tests; kinesiological, neurological, orthopedic and physical examination, as well as history taking may be used by a Doctor of Chiropractic to establish a diagnosis and determine a proper treatment plan for you and your loved ones.

We invite you to contact a pre-screened Chiropractor in your local area to see for yourself how affordable, beneficial and GREAT Health & Wellness care really can be!


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