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The average education of a Chiropractic Doctor is approximately 4,485 hours, while the education received by a Medical Doctor is approximately 4,250 hours.



Chiropractic on the other hand does not rely on drugs or surgery...

Chiropractic works to gently and naturally restore the body...

Chiropractic treatment is a rapidly expanding alternative therapy first introduced at the end of the 1800s. Since that time Chiropractic has become (and becoming more so) widely acknowledged and accepted as a truly viable treatment for Health, Wellness and alleviation of Pain. Chiropractic care is a healing art based on the manipulation and adjustment of the spine through which every aspect of the human body, brain and nervous system is connected.

The following information may be of interest:

The average education of our listed Chiropractic Doctors is several hundred hours longer than that received by Medical Doctors.

Chiropractors complete at a minimum—a (6-7) year rigorous “medical” education with course requirements including; gross anatomy, physiology, pathology, neurology, radiology, biomechanics, spinal and extremity adjusting techniques, with core science education emphasis in organic chemistry, general chemistry, physics, biology and psychology, along with a variety of other health subjects—thus a wide scope of education to draw from when providing care to patients. As a consumer it is important to understand some of the negative advertising dynamics previously involved in opposing the use of Chiropractic treatment from conventional medical authorities.

The negative “bashing” of any viable method of treatment is simply a matter of immoral judgment and/or wrongful judgment from the one doing the bashing as it is the patient who pays the ultimate price.

The truth of the matter is that there is enough empirical evidence to suggest that through Chiropractic manipulations of the body and spine, the body can heal itself of conditions and ailments. This is in direct competition with the treatment scope of most medical treatment facilities. The arguments from both sides are in actuality quite ridiculous, particularly so when it is the patient who after all has the “final word” when it comes to the result of treatment.

Conventional medicine with its wide use of “cutting” and “drugging” is directly competitive with Chiropractic treatment as the scope of Chiropractic embraces all other viable methods of treatment including; massage, physical therapy, nutrition, herbs, acupuncture/pressure as well as a numerous host of other therapies and treatments—including conventional medicine if/as need be.

The main difference then between the two schools of treatment; conventional medicine and Chiropractic, is that conventional medicine generally treats the symptom while excluding most other form of treatment other than its own—whereas chiropractic treats the cause while embracing most other forms of treatment—not just its own.

If you have an ailment or condition that has been bothering you, use this site to locate and schedule an appointment to visit a Doctor of Chiropractic in your area who is qualified to exam, diagnose and make safe, effective adjustments to your body and spine that can unleash the bodies own natural ability to heal itself from within.


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